How To Get Grad School Funding


A workshop breaking down grad school funding types and how to secure the bag.



Are you or someone you know heading to grad school? Hopefully, you or they know how important funding is for grad school. Some schools are great about funding, others are..not so much. Either way, securing funding is very important. I’m hosting a webinar in two weeks covering a bunch of strategies I’ve used and taught about funding.

Graduate school can be really expensive, on average a graduate degree in the U.S. can cost $30,000-$40,000 a year. You’ve probably been told you don’t have to pay for graduate school but no one really explains how to go to grad school for free. This webinar does just that. There is a range of graduate school funding frameworks, most only know one or two. You can learn about each funding framework and which is right for your situation. When you sign up for this webinar you’ll get a formula for applying to multiple funding sources with minimal time and effort. Think about it this way, for about 10 hours of work, you can earn $30,000-$40,000. That’s $3,000-$4,000 an hour! More than many make in a month working 40 hours a week. This helps to rationalize putting the time aside for funding applications! This webinar is good for current graduate students as well. If you received financial support for one or two years it’s important that you have your funding in place ahead of time. This webinar also covers easy side hustle perfect for graduate students to make extra cash but don’t take away from academic responsibilities.

How to Secure Grad School Funding is brought to you by Allanté a PhD student and host of the audioblog Blk + in Grad School. Prior to her PhD studies, Allanté served students of color at the university level, helping them to achieve their graduate school goals with students being admitted and fully funded to Masters and PhD programs at universities like Princeton, UMich, Purdue, UIUC and more! She continues to serve college students through her organization, Strengths Not Strikes, by equipping them with the tools to successfully navigate graduate school and sharing her journey on Blk + In Grad School. Allanté is a proud Detroit native and a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University.